Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Letter From Belgium

Dear Dr. Howell,

As soon as I heard about your book I decided it was a Must to read and tried to obtain it. Living in Belgium it took me nearly four months to acquire it through Amazon. It was worth every second of the wait. As soon as I got it I read it through a first time in four hours. WONDERFUL !!!

I find it amazing and a great quality that a scientist is able to get all the scientific information across in simple words that everybody can understand.

The BFB explains so well and in such detail how the human foot functions or is supposed to, and how shoes interfere with the functioning of nature’s creation.

It was, and still is, great to read what shoes are doing to you, from just a benign blister, ouch, to deformities that may require surgery. I never gave a thought to the quantity of chemicals that go into the production of shoes and remain there.

Thank you for debunking the myths, although laws and regulations here in Europe may be different from those in the US, I don’t believe that there are any laws over here that make walking or driving barefoot illegal, but as in the US it’s a widespread belief.

I have been barefoot myself for the last 38 years, that is for about 95% of the time and I still find it a wonderful way of living, walking, hiking. I have been working as a nature guide for the last couple of years and work barefoot for most of the time. This usually raises eyebrows and provokes comments and questions to which I respond to the best of my knowledge. I’m sure that your book will be most helpful in the future to be able to better explain the “why” question.

The only negative comment I could mention about your wonderful book is that it’s pretty hard to obtain it on the old continent. None of the major bookstores could obtain it.

Thank you for your kind comments, dear reader in Belgium! I'm glad it was worth the wait.

[Note: The Barefoot Book is now available for nook and soon for the kindle and other electronic devices. That should make global access much easier!]


  1. I just saw the BFB is on Kindle - thanks!

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