Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Lightsome Life Reviews The Barefoot Book on YouTube

Check out this VIDEO review of The Barefoot Book on YouTube by thelightsomelife. A video review! What a brilliant idea. She gives her favorite 10 reasons to go barefoot... what are your favorite reasons?

Tamarah Bartmess, a.k.a., thelightsomelife, is a Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioner who seems to specialize in weight loss strategies and affirmations. According to the dictionary, lightsome means "carefree and happy and lighthearted" and "full of light." Tamarah says that as a SimplyHealed™ Practitioner, "It is my job and honor to help you ignite the brilliance within you."

Check out her website, and don't forget to watch her book review.


  1. I started barefoot walking after reading your book early this spring. I love it! The problem is it gets harder and harder to wear shoes. I am an active 43 year old woman and have rheumatoid arthritis. Everyone I have talked to tells me barefoot walking is wrong and I should wear custom orthotics. I tend to like to go against the grain and decided to experiment anyhow. Since April I have either worn Vibram Five Fingers or gone barefoot while walking two miles or more a day with my border collie. Now I can enjoy the feel of nature just like her! I also love that my feet look stronger. I actually started driving barefoot last winter because my supportive shoes were killing my feet. Driving barefoot is awesome!
    The only problem is I have to remember to throw a pair of shoes in the car because I am not quite ready to go shoeless everywhere!

    I have been writing about rheumatoid arthritis and barefoot/minimal shoe walking on my blog: http://thelifeandadventuresofcatepoo.blogspot.com/#uds-search-results

    Thanks for this book! It is awesome.

  2. Oh, I forgot walking in the rain barefoot. This spring and summer I have felt like a kid again splashing through puddles with my dog. Lovely!


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