Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Barefoot Running Movie From RunBare

Almost everyone in the barefoot running community has heard of Michael Sandler. He has shared his inspiring story with us through his book, Barefoot Running (published by his company RunBare) and his whirlwind running clinic tours over the past few years. Today, Michael and Jessica released a trailer for their upcoming movie on barefoot running. That’s right. Barefoot Running, the movie.

To be clear, this is not a movie for the cinema. It is not a documentary of the barefooting movement (we’re still waiting for that). It is primarily an instructional “how-to” film, though Michael and Jessica do spend quite some time simply celebrating barefoot freedom.

Several barefoot running enthusiasts have already produced short video clips, both humorous and instructional, but what RunBare has coming out this Fall is on a whole new level. Their DVD is a full-length, professional quality film, as entertaining as it is educational. I have had the pleasure of previewing several chapters and the quality of the film is spectacular. It is exactly as they describe: “Seventy minutes, 17 chapters filled with amazing running, scenery, and entertaining lessons about barefoot running.” The film is stunning for no other reason than the running footage through the breathtaking Maui scenery and the National Geographic quality music. Seriously, the folks at RunBare have outdone themselves with this one!

Catch the trailer here, and then be sure to get the full-length film in August. 


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