Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Medical Community Is Coming Around...

I've been hearing reports - many of them - from friends and students about doctors recommending barefoot activity. Not just tolerating it, but actually recommending it! Obviously, I think this is fantastic. Some of these reports come from local friends and the doctors might be familiar with me as the local barefoot professor who wrote "the book." BUT, several other reports have come my way from students in various states where - I'm quite sure - the doctor doesn't know me from Adam and has never heard my name.

This is very exciting to me because it clearly indicates that doctors and podiatrists are no longer resisting the barefoot movement but are embracing it. This is how it should be, given the plethora of scientific evidence in favor of natural (i.e., barefoot) walking and running. Still, the idea of going barefoot was resisted by the medical community for many years (as Dr. William Rossi could attest if he were still with us). As medical specialists continue to promote barefoot activity, social acceptance will surely increase. And I am all in favor of that!


  1. This is great news and will hopefully lead to more people going barefoot!

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