Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beginning of a Barefoot Journey

I've been going barefoot for years - hiking, running, walking... just living barefoot as much as possible. Along the way I've been able to talk to people and even convince a few to join me. But since the publication of my book my opportunities to "evangelize" for healthy, barefoot behavior has skyrocketed!

I love hearing stories from people who've been enlightened, encourage and emboldened to spend more time barefoot because of The Barefoot Book. One of my students has recently begun her own barefoot journey. Laura, welcome to the world of barefooting... may you enjoy every step of the way!


  1. I don't like going barefoot because my feet get dirty and rough on the bottom. You can't deny that your feet get rough as heck and they get shredded when you run too. I don't get the whole shoeless thing. Walking on concrete, getting out of a cab on a dirty city street. I'm modest about my feet and my feet also get cold. I feel naked Sorry. I'll take shoes. this movement sound contrived...I'm sorry but it does.

  2. Moriah, you should spend some more time reading the information on this website and other websites that advocate barefoot living. Buy Dr. Howell's book even!

    This "movement" is anything but contrived. It has arisen from a collective desire to not wear shoes and a realization of the crazy amount of misinformation and misconceptions about being barefoot.

    I am thankful that there are people out there like Dr. Howell who support barefoot living and are in a position to do the kind of scientific research necessary to prove what many of us have known intuitively for years.

    You feel naked without shoes only because the society we live in today has trained you to feel that way. It's not natural!

  3. I felt much better after walking barefoot regularly. It seems to me that my immunity has become stronger.

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