Friday, September 10, 2010

A Success Story

Here's a story someone submitted to the SBL recently. Names & places have been changed to protect the innocent!

My name is Steph, I'm 20-years-old, and I've been a member [of the Society for Barefoot Living] for quite some time but never really posted much and I slowly fell back into wearing shoes (sometimes it's just hard to stand up to the masses).

Today though, I want to share with you all a story of fears, a small step forward, and what I consider a major success. For many days I've sat in my car outside of my college before class, and I've worried myself to death over what people will think and say [if I go in barefoot]... submitting to fear I eventually slide on the flip flops and walk to class. I'm a socially fearful person- It's been difficult for me to break from what's considered "normal."

A few days ago I broke down and ordered a pair of barefoot sandals... Today I put them on, told myself people would think I had shoes on (and at a glance that's exactly what they do), left my sandals at home, and went for it. I was reading the barefoot book as I walked, distracting myself from hearing any comments. Eventually I ran into a friend from high school. He looked at my feet (knowing me for only wearing flip flops through High School), and said "cheater." We laughed, I showed him my book, and I felt a little better. As I waited outside of class another student looked, looked again, and said "... those aren't flip flops are they? What's on the bottom?" so I showed her my naked foot. She asked about it, I told her about being healthy and comfortable- Busted twice in less than 10 minutes, and if there were any rude remarks I never heard them.

I know many SBLers tell the newbies to just do it, but that's more difficult for some than others. I know barefoot sandals aren't the best solution and I hope to wean myself off of them eventually, but for now their good practice to keeping my cool knowing I have no shoes on, and the good comments are going a long way.
Who knows, maybe my story will even help someone else.

Thanks for reading,
And that, folks, is why I wrote the book. Way to go Steph!!! And oh yeah, I wear barefoot sandals, too. They are great!


  1. A barefoot sandal is basically a decorative connection between an anklet and a toe ring. There are many, many styles for women and a few good ones for men these days. Just google 'barefoot sandal.'

    Barefoot sandals are awesome for two major reasons. First, they have no sole and are basically just decoration for your foot so you're really still barefoot. Second, they fool most casual observers and you can "get away" with going barefoot much more often.

    You *must* get a pair (or 2 or 3)!

  2. It's a great success story, Steph.I'm passionate about a healthy lifestyle. I plan to write a short essay about walking barefoot. I'm not such a good writer so I want to use the help of professional writers - I want this job to get the highest score.

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